May 15, 2014

New to it all

On the suggestion of Darren "DeeZone" Lee at I'm starting this blog to record my experiences in converting the Drupal 7 Optimizely module to Drupal 8. Dee is the main committer to the module and is the person who has pushed it to its current state of functionality.

As for myself, it's all new to me: Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Optimizely, and many of the tools and technologies currently in vogue. What hasn't changed about web/software development is the need to be able to think precisely in an algorithmic manner. The ability to do that was burned into my synapses a couple of lifetimes ago when I worked in software companies.

Anyway, I come into this as a novice, so I will be bringing the eyes and the perspective of someone who is coming in fresh. Mostly, I will focus on the gory details of getting things to work as I do this conversion.

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