Jun 11, 2014

Which t() function to call

In Drupal 8 calling the global t() function within a class context seems strongly deprecated, although it still works. Instead, use
My understanding of the rationale is that calling the class method provides better encapsulation and testability, and it also allows for the possibility of invoking a different version of t() other than whatever global default there is.

In non-class contexts, such as within functions defined in the .install script, use the global t() as in D7.

The following article seems to imply that the use of  $this->t() is either required or a really good idea if you want to enable unit testing. The article is mainly about how D8 core should implement  t() as a class method and has an extremely long thread of comments by core maintainers.

Provide a trait for $this->t() and $this->formatPlural()

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