Aug 30, 2014

mv   *.local_tasks.yml   *.links.task.yml

When I upgraded to D8 alpha 14, the three tabs that I had implemented for the module disappeared. The paths still worked since the forms were accessible by using the address field of the browser.

A search on the core .yml files in D8 alpha 13 compared with alpha 14 suggested that the *.local_tasks.yml files that were used to define groups of tabs for the same "page" had been renamed to *.links.task.yml instead.

When I renamed optimizely.local_tasks.yml to optimizely.links.task.yml, the tabs were rendered again.

The source article below later confirmed this hunch.

Previous post on the format and contents of this file is at


YAML files for menu links, contextual links, local tasks, and local actions have been renamed

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